These are the Terms and Conditions for use of our services. Please take the time to read through them before sending us any work.   Any work sent to and carried out by us is done so with the understanding that you have read, understood and agreed to these Terms and Conditions






1. Order acceptance

The client agrees to Type it Write Transcription’s terms and conditions and payment terms. Quotations are deemed accepted upon the client giving an order to Type it Write Transcription,  either in writing (email) or verbally, and Type it Write Transcription accepting the order by response.  The client will also give confirmation that the price for works is acceptable before work commences. Type it Write Transcription reserve the right to refuse to accept any order or impose terms and conditions to be accepted by the client for whatever reason.

2. Errors

Although Type it Write Transcription’ exercise rigid quality control and proofreads material before transmitting to the client, it must be noted that the final proofreading and checking of transcription is the responsibility of the client.

3. Payment

Payment terms are strictly 14 days from the date of invoice.  Type it Write Transcription reserve the right to charge 8% above the Bank of England base rate on late payment, applied daily.  Payments are to be made by bank transfer, PayPal or cheque to Type it Write Transcription.  Payment for couriers and postage of materials will be borne by the client.

4. Overdue/Unpaid Invoices

Invoices that remain unpaid will be passed to a debt collection agency.  Any further charges incurred from recovering the debt are borne by the client. In the event that  any invoices remain unpaid, Type it Write reserve the right to discontinue, withdraw or suspend services.

5. Supply of Service

Type it Write Transcription do not accept liability for failing to supply services through acts of God, fire, electricity, supply problems or problems with telecom links or any other reason caused beyond Type it Write Transcription’s control.

6. Notification of Change

Type it Write Transcription reserve the right to change prices or terms as deemed necessary, providing the client with 14 days notice before implementing these changes.

7. Confidentiality

Type it Write Transcription’s staff are required to sign a confidentiality agreement undertaking not to disclose any information revealed by the client to a third party, nor to use such information for their own account. All client information provided to Type it Write Transcription is for the use of Type it Write Transcription only and will not be disclosed to any third parties.  The Proprietor of Type it Write Transcription also signs a Confidentiality Agreement between Type it Write Transcription and the Client.

8. Termination of Customer Agreement.

This Agreement can be terminated by the client at any time providing all monies outstanding are paid to Type it Write Transcription in full.

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