Professional Proofreading Services

We work with a talented team of highly-qualified and experienced proofreaders. Our team will correct grammatical errors that are often overlooked as well as mistakes in punctuation, verb tense, spelling and sentence structure. Your work will also be scrutinised for any flow and layout errors. All proofreading work is usually completed within 72 hours but if you have a particular deadline to meet, please let us know and we will be happy to work to your schedule.

You will find our prices to be very competitive. Our proofreading rate is set at a fixed rate per thousand words (currently £9.00 per thousand words – please see our Rates page). This means that the price you pay will always remain the same, irrespective of  complexity or the number of corrections required.

Academic Proofreading Service for Students

We provide a full academic proofreading service. We proofread essays, theses, dissertations, assignments and coursework in many subjects, ranging from physics to philosophy, politics to business, and everything else in between.

We will ensure that your skills and abilities are communicated as accurately comprehensively as possible, leaving you safe in the knowledge that you have the best possible chance of success and the opportunity to achieve the grade you deserve. We know that most professional proofreading services are beyond the budget of the majority of students. TypeitWrite offers a full proofreading service at a price you can afford.

Business Proofreading Services

Our business proofreading service is perfect for all types of businesses who require a professional proofreading service.

We understand how important your business is and that any document your business produces should be free of spelling mistakes, typos and grammatical errors,  achieving the perfect results you need.

We can help with presentations, tenders, proposals, business letters, brochures, magazine articles, website content, leaflets, annual reports, press releases, booklets, newsletters, pamphlets and many more.

How We Work

When your work is ready for proofreading, please send your document to us either by email to  or by using the file upload page on our website.  Please let us know your deadline when uploading your work. Ideally, your deadline should allow plenty of time before the submission date for you to respond to any suggestions and recommendations made by the proofreader, if applicable.

We will email you immediately after receiving the file to confirm receipt and price. Our price for proofreading is based on the word count of your document (please see our Rates page). Your document is proofread using the ‘tracked changes’ function in Microsoft Word. This is a standard function installed in most versions of Microsoft Word and allows you to move easily between changes made by us and to accept modifications proposed by the proofreader. All corrections, suggestions and comments are shown in the right-hand margin and are easy to accept into your document.

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