Multilingual Transcription Service

We can transcribe your audio and video files in many languages. Our highly-skilled and experienced multilingual transcribers work on many diverse projects to produce accurate, top-quality transcripts from audio/video files in your chosen source language. We can also provide transcription from your source language into any other language of your choice.

Please see below for a selection of the languages we can transcribe:

  • Arabic transcription services
  • Bulgarian transcription services
  • Cantonese transcription services
  • Catalan transcription services
  • Chinese transcription services
  • Croatian transcription services
  • Czech transcription services
  • Danish transcription services
  • Dutch transcription services
  • English transcription services
  • Estonian transcription services
  • Finnish transcription services
  • French transcription services
  • German transcription services
  • Greek transcription services
  • Hebrew transcription services
  • Hindi transcription services
  • Hungarian transcription services
  • Icelandic transcription services
  • Italian transcription services
  • Japanese transcription services
  • Korean transcription services
  • Kurdish transcription services
  • Latvian transcription services
  • Lithuanian transcription services
  • Mandarin transcription services
  • Norwegian transcription services
  • Polish transcription services
  • Portuguese transcription services
  • Punjabi transcription services
  • Romanian transcription services
  • Russian transcription services
  • Slovak transcription services
  • Slovenian transcription services
  • Swahili transcription services
  • Thai transcription services
  • Turkish transcription services
  • Ukrainian transcription services
  • Urdu transcription services
  • Yiddish transcription services


The rate for multilingual transcription starts from £1.80 per recorded minute. This is based on Source-Source language, 2 speakers and a standard turnaround time of 72 hours. If you require transcription with multiple speakers or a faster turnaround, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will provide our best rate to suit your requirements. Please contact us for prices for audio-transcription into a target language that differs from your source language.

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