Multilingual Transcription Service

We can transcribe your audio and video files in many languages. Our highly-skilled and experienced multilingual transcribers work on many diverse projects to produce accurate, top-quality transcripts from audio/video files in your chosen language. We can also provide transcription from your source language into any other language of your choice.

Please see below for a selection of the languages we can transcribe:

  • Arabic transcription services
  • Bulgarian transcription services
  • Cantonese transcription services
  • Catalan transcription services
  • Chinese transcription services
  • Croatian transcription services
  • Czech transcription services
  • Danish transcription services
  • Dutch transcription services
  • English transcription services
  • Estonian transcription services
  • Finnish transcription services
  • French transcription services
  • German transcription services
  • Greek transcription services
  • Hebrew transcription services
  • Hindi transcription services
  • Hungarian transcription services
  • Icelandic transcription services
  • Italian transcription services
  • Japanese transcription services
  • Korean transcription services
  • Kurdish transcription services
  • Latvian transcription services
  • Lithuanian transcription services
  • Mandarin transcription services
  • Norwegian transcription services
  • Polish transcription services
  • Portuguese transcription services
  • Punjabi transcription services
  • Romanian transcription services
  • Russian transcription services
  • Slovak transcription services
  • Slovenian transcription services
  • Swahili transcription services
  • Thai transcription services
  • Turkish transcription services
  • Ukrainian transcription services
  • Urdu transcription services
  • Yiddish transcription services


The rate for multilingual transcription starts from £1.60 per recorded minute. This is based on 2 speakers and a standard turnaround time of 48 hours. If you require transcription with multiple speakers or a faster turnaround, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will provide our best rate to suit your requirements.


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    Most File Types Accepted

    We can accept all digital file types including DSS, MP3, WAV, WMA, DVF, MOV, ZVR, AMR. We can also accept your iPhone or Blackberry voice recordings. Getting your files to us couldn’t be easier. You can upload them straight from your PC to our website using our secure 128-bit SSL encryption simple file upload system, send them directly to us by email, or any analogue recordings in the form of standard cassettes or mini-cassettes, can send the recordings to us by Royal Mail Recorded Delivery or courier.