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Professional Proofreading & Transcription Services

Type it Write specialise in providing affordable, top-quality transcription services, in English and many other languages, from just £0.75p per recorded minute. Other services we provide include professional proofreading, subtitling and copy-typing. We have a wealth of experience in providing all of these to a wide range of businesses and individuals, including local government departments, NHS, market research companies, charitable organisations, media companies, journalists, universities, students and many others. We are very experienced in interview transcription, focus group work, medical transcription, legal transcription and much more. We believe our transcription and typing services to be the best in the business, offering an accurate, confidential, reliable and affordable service.

Our services are excellent value, whatever your business requirements. Our staff are highly-qualified and experienced professionals, committed to delivering accuracy, quality and efficiency. We would be delighted to assist with any project, large or small. Our rates are charged per recorded minute, from only £0.75p per audio minute. Please see our Rates & Services page for further details.

Our specialist proofreading service is used by business users, students, academics and individuals alike. We work with a dedicated team of highly-qualified and experienced proofreaders who will scrutinise your work, ensuring that your document is returned to you before your specified deadline, perfectly presented and error-free. Our very competitive prices for proofreading are set at a fixed rate per thousand words, allowing you to accurately cost each job.

Confidential Service

Confidentiality is extremely important to us. You can be assured that your work is safe during upload and storage as we use the latest security and encryption technologies. Our secure website contains the highest level encryption, with SSL 128 bit encryption being used throughout. All work we undertake is kept in the UK and not outsourced to any other country. We adhere to a strict policy of deleting all work from workstations and servers 7 days after returning completed work to a client. It is a strict requirement that all our staff sign our company confidentiality agreement and contract and are regularly reminded of their contractual obligations to meet these requirements. If you have your own confidentiality contract that you wish us to sign, we will be more than happy to do so.


We work with a talented team of highly-qualified, experienced proofreaders. Our proofreading service is ideal for business users, students and non-native English speakers. Our team will correct grammatical errors that are often overlooked, including mistakes in punctuation, verb tense, spelling and sentence structure. Your work will also be scrutinised for flow and layout errors. All proofreading work is usually completed within 48 hours; however, if you have a particular deadline to meet, just let us know and we will be happy to work to your schedule.

Typing and Digital Transcription

All transcription work is undertaken by our team of highly-qualified, experienced transcribers, ensuring your document is professionally presented. We provide an excellent and inexpensive online transcription service for all our service users from recorded, digital audio files. We can accept all file formats including iPhone and other smartphone recordings, MP3, WMA, WAV, DSS, DS2, DVR, ZVR and many others.


“The team have proofread a number of audio transcription files for me recently and I have been exceptionally pleased with the work. They are able to understand all accents including foreign speakers and I can rely on them to produce high quality final version transcripts – filling in gaps and making necessary amendments to punctuation/grammar. The team are very friendly, efficient and can adhere to tight deadlines. Although I have not used the service long, it has already proved to be very valuable and I sincerely hope that they continue the high standard of work for me for many years to come.”

Most File Types Accepted

We can accept all digital file types including DSS, MP3, WAV, WMA, DVF, MOV, ZVR, AMR. We can also accept your iPhone or Blackberry voice recordings. Getting your files to us couldn’t be easier. You can upload them straight from your PC to our website using our secure 128-bit SSL encryption simple file upload system, send them directly to us by email, or any analogue recordings in the form of standard cassettes or mini-cassettes, can send the recordings to us by Royal Mail Recorded Delivery or courier.